Prima Crush (cassette tape label) (Tijuana, México) 

Emerging independent cassette label based in Tijuana, México.

Started in the fall of 2011, founded by David Bravo and Gabriel Duprat, two musicians/producers/visual artists and friends who have been active in the independent music scene for over 10 years. The idea is to help artists whose music they love, whether it be by releasing cassette tapes (digital download included of course), art design, music production or whatever else they can offer.

For visit them, click here.

Pony Films productions (Monterrey, México) 

Arturo Castelló (a.k.a. Ponytea) - Multimedia artist, musician.

Shortfilms, corporate videos, TV ads, musical videos, film scoring, jingles, movies, etc.

For visit him, click here.

Organic Acoustic netlabel (Santiago de Chile, Chile) 

Ambient, Drone, Experimental electronics, Noise, Acoustic, Space music.

For visit them, click here. 

Withering Trees netlabel (Fürth, Germany) 

Ambient, Drone, Experimental electronics, sound art.

For visit them, click here.

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