Tsotne Gogitidze (Georgia) 

We're very pleased to announce this new artist who joined Mýrdal.

Experimental musician from Batumi, Georgia.

He started to make music when he was 13, studying classical guitar.
Tsotne's music is minimalist, Lo-Fi recorded and heavy distorted.
Noisy and distorted guitar, pianos, drums and many other things he uses as instruments, like: cups, milk boxes, pencils, paper sheets, etc. He also uses found recordings, field recordings and a huge range of audio clips.

We really don't know how to describe this artist, for us he composes the kind of music that we had been listening for a long time, and the kind of music we love. No matter the harmony or the melody, no matter anything about musical technics. Just simple works with lot of feeling. Music without pretensions. That's what really music has to be.

A reference for this artists could be "Loobeo" (Argentina), we think fits perfect for example.

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