Tété (Georgia) 

Sandro Chinchaladze

Sound artist and musician from Tbilisi, Georgia.

He started to make music in early 90's when he was just a kid, during the war period known as "The pipeline war" between Georgia and Russia, that's what we think is main influence in making music. Most of his music has extremely melancholic passages, he's a great artist. If you gonna listen to his work you have to read what Sandro wants to say, let the artist talk:

"I don't have any philosophy, but all my life I've dreamt that I can fly, and that I know what it means to fly. In lots of dreams I leave Earth. I often dream that I'm surrounded by people in tuxedoes, holding drinks in their hands, and I know I could shut them all up in one go. I just take off and I end up the ceiling. And then... I swoop down to the floor and fly up again, and everyone says: -Oh!.
Then I turn elegantly at the wall. I dream that the people are all speechless, watching me, a man, flying. Or I dream that I'm flying over mountains.That's a classic. My music has shown it from the beginning. In the studio I close my eyes, I have my hand on the fader and I try to form the sounds. i send then through the speakers like a bird flying. That's not a philosophy, more like primitive dream to make the music fly 'cause I'm flying."

-Sandro (a.k.a. Teté)

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