A collaboration between SP Records, Trashfuck Records and Myrdal. This is a mixtape of both Trashfuck and Myrdal labels.

Limited edition of 25 tapes was released by SP Records and unlimited digital downloads by Myrdal.

You can purchase a cassette tape here: SP Records



Artist name - Track title

SIDE A - Trashfuck Records mixtape

A. c4 - Opticus Track 1

B. Black Baby - Droppin acid

C. Bludgeonment - Stinky feet

D. Dental work - Gasoline & urine (Crack Stash's P.C. remix)

E. Wolfhouse - Mics are too distorted

F. Graffiti Mechanism - VRR 5

G. RedSK vs. Stiverson - Tropical vacation (remix)

H. Simply Wow! - I live in your doghouse

I. tooth_eye - Soul detached

J. Pollux - Baal + Satan Nebula

K. LadyCumdumpster vs. KoobaatooAsparagus - 5lb of mayo rmx

L. Mitä? vs. Paskaydin - The sound of two bricks...

M. Nathan Finley - Bullshit

N. Bastard Child - Through walls (Dingle remix)

O. Dino Felipe - Floppy fingers (RedSK remix)

P. Jason "Evil" Covelli - Plain and fucking simple

Q. Ballsonbitchs - Push me again Mofo

R. Running to Earth - Speedsuit (6-4-2012)

S. Total Hipster Crusher - Ending up downriver

SIDE B - Myrdal mixtape

00:00 Piper_ben - Loneliness

01:24 Castelló - Forever 

05:48 Tété - Part Seven

09:47 White Institute - Dependence

13:40 Pardo - Pensar entre las calles

16:25 Late Nite Howl - Insomnia

19:01 Tsotne Gogitidze - I used the house

21:18 Moon Project - Secuencias

24:46 Piper_ben - Electronic waterfall

29:18 Ars Sonor & Mystified - L'Autre monde (Spiraal Aurel rmx)

33:24 Harsh Sounds - 3

38:00 White Institute - Mar Dorado 

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