"Poem for my human lover" is about an android named "2095", a beautiful combination of both male and female.

Each track is a stanza of the poem that 2095 is reading to it's human lover. This album takes the listener on an emotional and highly visceral journey through the mind of a tender and vulnerable android. Though 2095's poetry we become acquainted with an otherworld/futuristic landscape as well as the rich inner landscape of the fluid and intricate mind.

Sara Naomi Goodman 

Original artwork by: Jukka Pekka Kervinen

Final album cover by: Héctor Ortiz


1. Energy

2. Courtship by the Meszamako Bridge

3. I didn't fall you right away

4. Third eye lock

5. Is there a future for us?

6. Contention and argument

7. Lustful dreams

8. Black & White

9. Bending silverspoons!

10. Vacation and slight peace

11. 2095 

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