Pardo / White Institute (México) 

Sergio Castelló Fernández

Musician, visual artist and future lawyer.

Young (very young) musician and visual artist. Since he was 17, he has been surprising everyone with his incomparable talent and musical versatility.
He learned to play piano and synthesizers in an empirical way.
In mid 2006 he was the singer of a screamo band called "Hidioma". Time after he and two friends founded an electro-rock/screamo band called "The Astronaut Sounds".
Later The Astronaut Sounds disintegrated and Sergio started working on old ideas he had since 2006, several projects that shaped "Pardo". 
In 2008 he began using synthesis software to explore the handling of his MIDI keyboard. After further exploring the digital synthesis tools offered by "Reason", he was recording his experiments to shape the album "Pictures & Lonely Fields" for his project "White Institute".

Sergio is a very talented young man, not in vain the label "Nacional Records" (Manu Chao, Aterciopelados, Nortec Collective, Monareta, Plastilina Mosh, Los Tres, IMS, The Pinker Tones, etc.) offered him to record an album together with "Turi"(his brother) in a project called "Castelló" and not at all a producer based in Mc. Allen gave very good criticism of his music and in the same way he invited Sergio to record an album in his studio in Texas.

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