"Missing you" it's a project realized on december 9th of 2011, that was finished until April 2012, on this short/long period of time I was making music for the one I miss the most: Cristina.

That's the reason, that's the fact. Nothing more to say.

Arturo Castelló Fernández 

This album is a micro-melodies compilation with simple and beautiful minimalist electronic tracks. The three first are that kind of tracks, but the track #4 is a long piece of happy and childlike music. 

A very short and nice album.



1. Missing you No.1

2. Missing you No.2

3. Missing you No.3

4. Missing you No.4 (feat. Getzel)

Héctor Ortiz (a.k.a. Getzel) - Electronics & Voice recordings in Track 4. 

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