Friends and Enemies (México) 

Lo-Fi / Indie Rock band from Monterrey, México.

Friends and Enemies began in mid 2009, with Ángel Amaya (bass), Daniel Castillo (Guitar), Javier Ibarra (Drums) and Victor Arguello (Guitar). The project was formed out of the disolution of several pioner mexican screamo bands, including Zarathustra has been killed in the 70'sA long way from hereWaiting for an accident and Hasta Mañana

The main goal is to create music for themselves, and Post-Rock was the genre they all agreed, as they have always felt this music as very passionate and deep. However, they tried not to keep it to the standards all the time, by adding influences from Math-RockPunk RockPost-HardcoreJazz and basically anything that came through them minds while they were practicing.

The concept is a mix of minimalism and complex techniques, by adding odd rhythm signatures along with simple riffs, tappings and occasionally screams as a background texture.

They have been playing just a few gigs with bands like Sad BreakfastBubonic BearCarlton BanksNoventasApocalipsis and several others. Friends and Enemies first demo titled "Santa Rosa de Lima" came out in 2010 and was recorded at their homestudio and took the name of a peruvian saint, as they imagined people praying for something as far as down the hemisphere and wonder if would make a difference, just philosophical-esque. 

"He aquí mi enemigo, ven a mí cómo amigo."

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